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Samskip is a global logistics company offering transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air with a particular focus on cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. 

With an annual turnover of Euro 560 million, Samskip is now one of the larger transport companies in Europe with offices in 24 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia employing 1,300 people around the world.


Samskip's transportation and logistics activities focus mainly on the following sectors: European multimodal transport; North Atlantic integrated logistics; worldwide temperature controlled and ambient cargo forwarding and logistics and European breakbulk and project cargo movements.


With a turnover from its multimodal and short sea activities exceeding Euro 300 million, and transporting more than 600,000 TEUs every year Samskip Multimodal is Europe's largest multimodal and short sea container operator. The company combines short sea, rail, road and barge services into seamless, cost efficient, sustainable and reliable transport solutions for our customers. We use our own equipment and hardware in a multimodal network that spans all of Europe, including the Baltic States and Russia as well as Turkey and Central Asia.

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